The Changes in the Gambling Industry

The video game industry has provided more opportunities for online players. Today, even adult gamers can compete against each other in e-sports events and win millions of dollars. It has become a global competition to find the best in the video game discipline.

Video Games vs Online Casinos

But there is another form of games that are gaining more and more fans, namely the online casinos. It can offer the same level of excitement and fun as a good video game. But the games in the online casino are about real money.

The statistics show that men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 like gambling to win extra money. Thus, almost 50 percent of gamers use their mobile devices to play in online casinos. Most casino providers have decided to also offer mobile versions that optimally adapt to the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Online casino providers, as well as software developers have to stay involved not to lose the players and to ensure that they keep coming back. The gambling industry has a disadvantage compared to the video game industry because gambling is eligible for adult gamers only. Thus, the number of consumers they can offer their products to is not that big.

Variety of Finnish Casinos

Various casinos can be found on the Internet, but Finnish casinos are mainly focused on local players. These Finnish online casinos are aimed at Finnish-speaking users living in Finland. An average Finnish casino offers not only its own website but also customer service in Finnish. At some point, you might ask yourself how you can distinguish Finnish online casinos from others. By visiting, you will find the features of Finnish online casinos you should pay attention to:

  • They often target their site to Finns so that even their website happens to be in Finnish.
  • They offer customer support in Finnish. You should pay special attention to chat and phone services, as some casinos have only English-speaking telephone exchange.
  • They have special payment methods for Finns. These include, for example, certain mobile payment services, as well as Internet banking connections used by Finnish banks.

Online casinos want to attract Finnish players because RAY and PAF have a gambling monopoly in Finland. But online casinos aimed at Finns can still be legally established in other countries. Gaming on these sites is allowed for Finnish citizens, so nothing prevents you from joining these online resources.